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Job Description

The Agency is looking for a GNSS System Deployment and Operations Manager, who will ensure proper coordination of the EUSPA Exploitation management activities with the activities of the EUSPA team integrated with the ESA Project office which is in charge of completing the development of EGNSS new generations (e.g. EGNOS V3.1 and V3.2) until the handover of the releases to EUSPA for their entry into service.

The jobholder will be entrusted with the following main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the various EUSPA contributions to the E-GNSS (e.g. EGNOS V3) industrial development oversight in the following domains:
  • Operations Engineering (Operability, Maintainability and Integrated Logistics Support);
  • Provision of the EUSPA Customer Undertakings (e.g. site hosting evolutions and their deployment);
  • Deployment/migration strategy to the operational environment;
  • Security Engineering;
  • Prepare, in coordination with the EUSPA Service Provision team and the E-GNSS Service Provider/Operator, the pre-operational phase of new generation E-GNSS (e.g. EGNOS V3), and represent EUSPA towards the ESA Project Office for these activities;
  • Monitor and control the on-site industrial activities (deployment, surveys, testing) and ensure coordination, support and conflicts resolution with the site hosting entities;
  • Contribute to ESA Project team activities coordination in the identified domains (operations engineering, deployment, security engineering) and in particular participate in project and technical boards, and meetings organised with Industry;
  • Follow-up the industry work (e.g. progress meetings, ad-hoc meetings, workshops, co-engineering sessions, system and sub-system reviews with Industry) and ensure that EUSPA integrated team represents the Exploitation views in the management of the relevant industrial tasks such as operations, maintenance and ILS preparation activities but also sites acceptance, Ground Segment deployment, network services, implementation of Security Operations (SECOPS) and other security requirements, e.g. preparation of accreditation;

A full job description and further information on the application procedure can be found here:

Qualifications We Are Looking For

The selection procedure is open to applicants who satisfy the following eligibility criteria, on the closing date for application:

  • A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more
    A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and at least one year of appropriate professional experience when the normal period of university education is three years
  • In addition to the above, appropriate professional experience of at least six years after obtaining the required diploma
  • Be a national of a Member State of the European Union, Iceland or Norway

Selection Criteria

Professional experience and expertise

  • Proven experience in space system evolutions, operations and/or logistics support processes;
  • Experience in system and/or service engineering processes of critical infrastructures, preferably including safety certification and/or security accreditation aspects;
  • Experience in specification, design or validation of an operational service, preferably under a KPI scheme;
  • Experience in financial, procurement and contract management;
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English;

Required competencies

  • Motivation;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Service and customer-oriented mind-set;
  • Ability to deliver quality results under pressure;
  • Excellent analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving abilities;
  • Ability to lead, inspire and motivate team members.


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Expires 11 OCT 2022
EGNOS Exploitation Programme Management

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