Trusted Jobs

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A virtuous circle of Trust

On average, we spend half of our life at work. However, today:

  • 2 out of 3 people are disengaged or unhappy at work
  • 1 out of 4 workers get burnt out
  • 1 out of 2 are actively looking to change job

This affects both employees and employers. Some great companies understand that happier people are more productive. Trusted jobs supports candidates to identify these companies. Our label “Trusted employers” does not depend on how much one company pays for visibility or reputation, but on how great their recommendation rate is, how good their reviews are and if their work culture match with high standards. It relies on those that know best: employees.

Through anonymous reviews employees share their experience regarding salary, professional development, work environment and culture.

2 out 3 of candidates don’t apply for jobs with bad reviews. Trusted Jobs encourages companies to improve their work culture, and communicate about it in the most credible way. They gain time and money recruiting fitting candidates, and avoid productivity loss, high turnover and a bad reputation. is more than a job site. It is a community-based platform bringing transparency in the job market where candidates can now apply for jobs they trust.

EU funding and a European norm for quality internships

We received EU funding for 2 projects that we initiated with a consortium of key partners: CAPQI to build an online rating system for internships across Europe, and SPRINT to develop by 2021, an official EU standard for quality internships. We are leading the creation of this standard together with the European Committee for Standardization, universities and employers. Our label is laying the groundwork for its development.

International Interns Day

With InternsGoPro and key civil society actors, we initiated the International Interns Day in 2013 to raise awareness about youth employment issues. It now takes place in several countries across the world (Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia…), mobilising hundreds of people to develop innovative solutions and improve existing legislations.

European label for Quality Internships

We co-created the first European label for Quality Internships together with more than 300 young people, a network of universities, 30 NGOs and employers in 6 countries. The label has been endorsed by European Commissioners as a standard of reference in Europe, and is used by many employers.

Elqi champion

Prizes & Recognition

Our different initiatives received the Forbes ’30 under 30’ Award for most promising social enterprise in Europe and we became laureate of the “Entrepreneurs for Social Change” programme of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the European Label for Best Internships and the Trusted Employer label work?

The ELBI is a certification that includes commitments and quality-checks. Employers commit to respect the criteria and the key performance indicators from the Label. Their employees review their work experience through our platform to confirm the implementation. The Trusted Employer label works as an “award” given to employers recommended by more than 90% of their employees.

How do you make sure reviews are anonymous and how do you verify their validity?

Reviews are 100% anonymous and the personal data if users is fully GDPR compliant. We only require a name and an email to confirm the user is an actual person. Trusted jobs performs an automatic online check to find a match between the user’s name and the company. If an employer reports a review as fake, we require proof of work from the user, always protecting the user identity, in accordance to the law.

Will Trusted Jobs be soon available for other sectors?

Trusted jobs is focusing on Brussels and the EU affairs sector as a first step before spreading to other countries and sectors.

Why is Trusted Jobs a social enterprise? is the commercial branch of the NGO InternsGoPro. Together they work as a social enterprise shaping a more transparent, and fairer job market. On one side, InternsGoPro does advocacy and civil society work, on the other Trusted Jobs help companies recruit better and incentivizes them to improve their work culture.

What's different between Trusted Jobs and typical job boards?

Typical job boards don’t have this social aim and don’t offer companies a proper standard or label to commit to. Thus, they do not provide employees with a guarantee for future work experience. It is our commitment to full transparency that guarantees you the validity of employee reviews, and that what is said about the company is trustworthy.

Our Team
Regis Pradal

“I am passionate about helping people get better jobs and enabling companies to recruit better and improve their work culture”.

Nicholas Wenzel
Managing Director

“I am fascinated about building and managing with Trusted Jobs an organisation that can make a difference in the way professionals find jobs in EU Affairs.”

Pierre-Julien Bosser
Head of Customer Development

“I am there to make our customers happy, by making their life easier in hiring the team members they have been looking for.”

Alexandre Beddock
Marketing Director

“My job is to let everyone know what we do, how we do it, and why it is a great idea to check out and work with Trusted Jobs.”