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A world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone


We enable organizations to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally

Our vision is of a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. A world where organizations are able to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. We call this Trade with Purpose.

  1. Build our organization to be future fit

We will continue to be strong, flexible and relevant, ensuring our members’ voices shape our strategic approach and all our activities. We will build our membership and our geographic presence to drive change at scale.

  1. Support our members through insight, expertise, and influence

We will increase our capacity to monitor and predict trends and developments that impact our members. We will continue to provide world-class tools that enable our members to anticipate trends and effectively manage their supply chains. We will create mutually beneficial partnerships that support our members on their issues.

  1. Inspire action around the world

We will continue to show how individuals and corporations can promote open and responsible trade, acting as a beacon of good practice, pioneering meaningful trade policies and developing a network of ambassadors.

  1. Grow high-performing people to become the leaders of a sustainable tomorrow

We will continue to embed sustainability in our members’ organizational DNA; build capability and capacity and develop best practice business models that enable organizations to achieve their goals.

  1. Prosper by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and increasing human prosperity for all

Through our combined membership we will reach a tipping point where business behaviour can positively change society, drive significant impact towards the SDGs and create a profitable business.

Culture & Values

  • Leadership: Be a leading force for positive change
  • Collaboration: Foster collaborative networks that empower stakeholders worldwide to achieve a common vision
  • Excellence: Deliver the best we can in everything we do



  • Drive the development & implementation of amfori Marketing, Communication & Event strategy at Global and local level,
  • Lead the Marketing & Communication team within the Public Affairs function - focusing on marketing, communications & events activities and projects to :
  1. Develop the organization of the future;
  2. Increase the satisfaction and experiences of existing members/stakeholders & attract new;
  3. Implement/introduce technology/automation platforms to increase efficiency/enhance stakeholder value;
  4. Inspire Members & Stakeholders with innovative initiatives to encourage open & sustainable trade;
  5. Increase overall visibility for & reputation of amfori at the global & local level.
  • Ensure deliverables are on time, and KPI’s are monitored, finetuning execution where required
  • Manage the resources (budget & team) of the Team to deliver
  • Lead the Audience-centric Communications Strategy to :
  1. Optimize the amfori communication channels – website, social media, newsletters, events & other TBD
  2. Map-out the various amfori Audiences – journey & touchpoints, improve communications per audience segment, monitoring respective experiences & satisfaction, driving improvements with the respective functions as needed; Automate & optimize communication/data flows where possible!
  3. Drive the development/set-up of a central contact/communication database to allow improved/targeted/more relevant communications

4. Lead the development of an integrated Content Management System (CMS) – as part of Content Coordination & Development – including the development of thought leadership to illustrate amfori’s expertise & value.

5. Ensure a strong marketing intelligence infrastructure (audience feedback platform) is set-up to monitor experiences of amfori audiences and drive a more relevant audience-centric marketing/communication approach.

  • Support Internal/Staff Communications (employee experience & engagement) in conjunction with HR – throughout their journey with amfori, from recruitment to exit – creating an ‘employer brand’ for amfori as the employer.


  • Build and maintain the reputation of amfori as a thought leader and enabler of open and sustainable trade
  • Increase the visibility and reputation of amfori through a pro-active marketing & communication approach
  • Help the marcom team to work more towards a planned & proactive approach
  • Build a performant marketing technology infrastructure from scratch
  • Improve member satisfaction through relevant communications
  • Lead a young team of international communicators

Required profile/requirements

  • Experienced Team Lead in Marketing, Communications & Events
  • Experience in marketing of products and/or value proposition.
  • Change Agent – help amfori improve/optimize its marketing/communications & events at global & local level
  • Having led strategic projects in marketing/communications & events from strategy up to implementation level
  • Experienced in audience experience optimization & brand development
  • Ideally understanding of “Sustainable Trade/Supply Chain issues”
  • +10 years of experience working (similar role) in Marketing/Communication/Events in an international/global environment
  • Focus on optimizing processes where/when needed

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