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We are looking for an Economic Researcher/ Analyst to perform several activities including the identification of key market drivers affecting our mission, building of data capture systems around those drivers, the evaluation and consolidation of data into a logical point of view, including research for regional and transnational issues, assessing foreign economic, trade, and financial issues that affect the UAE economic interests. The role entails focusing and taking a broader and global approach to various macroeconomic and microeconomic issues facing the region.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  1. Monitor developments and the strategic economic policy of the host country by analyzing development plans, tax policy, investment policies, the volume of foreign and national investments, and performance of the national economy and prepare daily, weekly and periodic reports.
  2. Collect and analyze data, prepare studies related to bilateral relations and the volume of trade between the UAE and the host country. Make the recommendations that contribute to improving and developing the relations for the common interest.
  3. Collect, analyze and assess data on the economic situation, foreign economic relations and regional and international economic blocs of the host country, and prepare reports thereon.
  4. Provide researchers and interested bodies in the host country with studies, analytical and statistical economic reports and information that contribute to promoting economy and investment in the UAE upon obtaining approval of the Line Manager.
  5. Prepare feasibility studies and economic researches. Study and analyze investment opportunities for the UAE and national key companies and submit the report to the Line Manager.
  6. Provide all aspects of support including information, studies, overview on economic and trade laws and regulations to the UAEcompanies operating in the host country or wishing to enter its market in order to support and contribute to the companies' growth and development in coordination with the Line Manager.
  7. Contribute effectively to organizing, participating and attending political events organized or attended by the Mission. Prepare reports and minutes of meetings and follow-up the directives and recommendations of the Line Manager.
  8. Develop and update effective database on domestic economy and economy influencers in the host country.
  9. Track the implementation of the concluded economic and trade agreements, initiatives, and decisions of joint committees between the UAEand the host country.
  10. Participate in welcoming and bidding farewell to guests, delegations and officials of the UAE and accompany them to attend conferences and meetings as directed by the Line Manager
  11. Contribute to updating the Mission's website with news, reports and economic activities and events held by the UAE and the Mission.
  12. Perform any other tasks assigned by the line manager, including translations.

Requirements and skills

  • Education: applicants are required to have a minimum of Bachelor’s or Master degree in Economics, Business Administration and Management, or Computer and Information Sciences; Mathematical Sciences or Statistics.
  • Knowledge: Applicants must possess solid economic background, as well as specialized experience utilizing specialized business intelligence and analytics software such as Qlik and Tableau. Minimum 3-5 years’ work experience as an economic analyst.
  • Computer Skills: applicants must have advanced skills using Microsoft Office applications, including Excel/Spreadsheets, Access/Database Development, and PowerPoint; and Share Point, and Outlook.
  • Analytical thinking: It is important that applicants have the mental ability to apply logic in identifying and Considering Alternatives to arrive at valid conclusions that will aid the organization in making sound decisions.
  • Communication skills: The economic analyst/research job description requires supporting departments with the interpretation and application of economic data, as well as provide reports of findings to management. it is important that applicants have both written and verbal communication skills to perform their duties successfully.
  • Research skills: Applicants must also be skilled in searching various sources to gather data relevant for the analysis of key market metrics affecting the business or other specific issues
  • Statistical skills: To work effectively as an economic researcher, it is important that applicants can apply various statistical techniques to carry out data analysis, and also develop macro-economic forecast models.

Linguistic requirements

  • English: Fluent
  • French and/or Dutch: Fluent.
  • Additional European languages are a plus.

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