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We are looking for a Media researcher who will be responsible for finding and organizing media content and covering various news and media events held by the mission. He will commonly work with video, audio, images, and other digital media files to help promoting the projects and events of the mission. The Media researcher will be tasked with maintaining databases of all the media in the region and contribute effectively organizing and participating in the regional social and culturalevents to promote the UAE in the local media.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  1. Daily monitoring of visual, audio, and printed media for political, economic and social topics of interest to the UAE and prepare the daily, weekly and periodic reports.
  2. Follow-up the most important statements, press conferences and releases issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country, by using social media and newspapers to submit reports about them.
  3. Use social media to cover various news and media events held by the Mission and prepare media briefings and executive summaries.
  4. Conduct studies and researches on the host country's public opinion trends towards the most important strategic issues of concern to the UAE.
  5. Promote, on the host country media, for activities and events held in and humanitarian aid provided by the UAE.
  6. Develop or provide pamphlets, publications, promotional and introductory materials on the UAE and most important sectors and distribute them in official occasions of the UAE and the host country.
  7. Coordinate and communicate with influential stakeholders in the local media of the host country and correspondents of foreign newspapers to highlight the UAE positions, efforts and achievements in different sectors, and promote for them as media, cultural and tourism events.
  8. Contribute effectively to organizing, participating and attending social and cultural events and ceremonies contributing to promote the UAE on media. Prepare reports and  minutes of meetings and follow-up the directives and recommendations of the Line Manager.
  9. Develop and update a database on mass media, media influencers, as well as biographies of political figures and officials in the host country.
  10. Continuous updating of information on the website of the Mission and adding other subjects and domains to demonstrate creativity.
  11. Participate in welcoming and bidding farewell to guests, delegations and officials of the UAE and accompany them to attend conferences and meetings as directed by the Line Manager
  12. Perform any other tasks assigned by the line manager, including translations and coordination with universities and follow up on UAE students’ affairs.

Requirements and skills

Education: applicants must hold bachelor’s degree or Master in journalism, communications or similar relevant coursework includes research, writing, ethics, media law and ethics, and media history.

Research: Research skills are the foundation of a media researcher’s ability to find information. Applicants will use research skills to find information about relevant topics.

Verbal and written communication: applicants must be able to communicate effectively with others to share information and ideas. Applicants must befamiliar with the media industry.


  • ▪ Excellent MS Office knowledge and advanced computer and audio-visual skills.
  • ▪ Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
  • ▪ Discretion and confidentiality.

Linguistic requirements

  • English: Fluent
  • French and/or Dutch: Fluent.
  • Additional European languages are a plus.

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