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The European Endowment for Democracy is looking for a committed and experienced Grants Manager to support its flexible democracy support work.

Specifically, EED is looking for a Grants Manager to support EED in the contractual and financial management of EED Grants across the mandate of EED operations.

Given the current balance of the team, candidates must have good working knowledge of Arabic.  

Deadline for applications: 6 December 2020

The European Endowment for Democracy (EED) is an independent, grant-making organisation, established in 2013 by the European Union (EU) and EU member states to foster democracy in the countries of the European Neighbourhood and beyond. 

Since its inception, EED has provided over 1300 grants and evolved into a vibrant, innovative and respected member of the democracy support community. EED funds a vast array of pro-democracy actors including human rights and political activists, pro-democratic movements, civil society organisations, independent journalists and media.

This is a great opportunity to join EED in a challenging and varied role. As Grants Manager, you will work in a small team responsible for the financial and contractual management of EED grants to civil society and independent media. Experience of grant-making financial and contractual procedures in government, international organisations or civil society and a good knowledge of democracy support procedures are essential. At least five years relevant experience is required for this position.

Reporting directly to the Director of Operations, the position consists of:  

1. Main functions of the post:

  • Ensuring administrative and financial management of EED grants in close coordination with the Programmes team;
  • Drafting project proposals and reports for a wide range of EED donors (including EU and public donors) with special focus on the financial part;
  • Providing strategic guidance to the funds management from a grants perspective;
  • Guiding and managing the work of EED external consultants assisting the Grants Team;
  • Responding and contributing to strategic and institutional needs of EED, as per Executive Director requests;
  • Contributing to EED monitoring and evaluation system as well as to its knowledge management.

2. Duties and Responsibilities:

The Grants Manager reports directly to the Director of Operations and shall be responsible for (in addition to the above-mentioned):

  • Assessing the budget aspect of proposals submitted by applicants for EED support in close cooperation with the Programmes Team;
  • Preparing contracts and related templates for awarded grants (directly preparing or overseeing the process);
  • Assessing financial reports (or coordinating assessment carried out by other team members/consultants) and related supporting documents submitted to EED by verifying their compliance with the approved budget, all contractual stipulations and donor requirements. Liaising with Programme’s staff regarding narrative reports, and sending consolidated feedback on submitted reports to grant beneficiaries;
  • Working with Programme’s staff to assist EED beneficiaries in preparing requests for addenda, including budget revisions;
  • Assisting in monitoring budget implementation and developments on grants administration issues;
  • Ensuring internal administrative paperwork and approval cycle for e.g. grant contract signature, approval of grants’ reports and payments;
  • Maintaining current records in the online EED Grants Management System and paper files, including grant tracking and reporting;
  • Preparing proposals to fundraise from EU, public institutions and other donors; and assisting in negotiating and reviewing award terms;
  • Supporting the management of donor grants, including ensuring compliance with donor regulations, regularly monitoring expenditure and projections, preparing reports and timely submitting them to the relevant donor;
  • Advising staff and beneficiaries on donor regulations and internal EED procedures;
  • Assisting pro-democracy actors from the EU Neighbourhood and beyond in fundraising from other donors (e.g. by identifying experts to assist them in preparing and submitting grant proposals for EU and other donors);
  • Cultivating relationships with important stakeholders in the field;
  • Performing other tasks for the Director of Operations as required.

3. Key eligibility and selection criteria

  a. Conditions for eligibility:

  • preferably be a national or having permanent residence permit of one of the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland;
  • be entitled to his/her full rights as a citizen;
  • have completed any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service;
  • be physically fit to perform his/her duties;
  • hold, or be in a position to obtain, a valid Personnel Security Clearance Certificate (national or EU PSC at CONFIDENTIAL and/or EU SECRET level).

b. Essential selection criteria:

Level and type of formal education:

  • Master’s degree in Economics, International Affairs, Political or Social Science, Law, International Development or related discipline (or BA degree plus additional relevant work experience);

Professional experience:

  • at least five years of proven full-time professional experience in civil society-related projects and programmes;
  • demonstrated track record in grant-making and/or administering financial and contractual procedures related to project management;
  • experience in working with democracy-support donors in government and/or international organisations and/or from civil society;

Functional competencies:

  • very good knowledge of grant-making financial and contractual procedures;
  • strong ability to draft and check budgets and financial reports;
  • solid ICT skills, especially in Microsoft Excel;
  • thorough knowledge of English;
  • good working knowledge of Arabic;
  • high drive for detail and precision;
  • substantive understanding of political issues and trends in the EU Neighbourhood as well as EU policies towards the region;
  • field work experience that includes several years of working in a Neighbourhood country considered an asset;
  • good knowledge of the European Institutions and working mechanisms within the EU considered an asset;
  • ability to keep full confidentiality about all assigned tasks and related documentation as well as capacity to exercise confidentiality, discretion and tact when dealing with diverse groups of people;
  • high degree of communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills;
  • ability to develop strong working relationships internally and externally at all levels;
  • high personal and professional culture;
  • ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • readiness for duty travel.

4. Application

Please make sure you meet all required qualifications and experience before applying. Applicants must upload a cover letter, a CV (in the Europass format), and contact information for three references. Failure to submit these three documents shall result in the exclusion of the applicant concerned from the selection procedure.

Applications should be made here:

Applications should be submitted no later than 6 December 2020, midnight (Brussels time).

Written online tests are planned (for pre-selected candidates only). Interviews will be planned for short-listed candidates following the written test.

The applications will not be returned to candidates but will be kept on file by the EED. The information provided in the applications is subject to EU legislation on protection of personal data and confidentiality of information.

5. Terms of contract

EED is not an international organisation or EU institution and its employment contracts are fully based on Belgian Employment Law.

Indicative NET salary may range from approximately €3,100 to €3,500 per month depending on experience and individual circumstances, plus competitive personal benefits (subject to Belgian tax and social security).

Non-Belgian residents and non-Belgian citizens may be eligible for the expatriate tax status under Belgian legislation.

An initial contract of two years will be offered, followed by renewal subject to satisfactory performance and available funds.

Expected start day at EED: 1 February 2021.

Working place: EED Secretariat located in the centre of Brussels, Belgium.

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