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The European University lnstitute (EUI) is seeking to appoint a new Secretary General. The appointment to this senior position will be made by the institute’s High Council, its highest decision-making body.

The Secretary General shall assist the President who, according to the Convention setting up the European University lnstitute, shall direct the lnstitute and be responsible for its administration.

The primary task of the Secretary General is to assist and advise the President in all administrative, institutional and external matters, including contacts with national authorities and the EU institutions, and to undertake all tasks delegated to him/her in directing the operation of the EUI.

More specifically:

  • The implementation and coordination of all administrative - legal and financial - and infrastructural matters of the EUI;
  • Responsibility for other tasks assigned by the President or the High Council;
  • As appropriate, liaison with authorities in EU Member States, EU institutions and Third States;
  • Liaison with Italian authorities (national, regional and local) on all matters relating to the lnstitute, including those aspects linked to the buildings granted to the EUI by ltaly;
  • Assistance in the fundraising activities of the EUI;
  • Responsibility for the safety and security policy of the EUI. Acting as chief risk officer and coordinating institutional risk management.

The EUI is seeking an outstanding candidate with the following skills and experience:

  • Organisational, managerial and diplomatic skills;
  • Senior administrative management and proven operational experience in a national or international institution of significant complexity and scale;
  • Familiarity with Italian and EU lnstitutions and their modi operandi;
  • Familiarity with the world of higher education and research and its functioning;
  • Decision-making and interpersonal skills, including the ability to cooperate with academic staff;
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Fluency in several European languages, including oral and written command of Italian.

The functions of the holder of this post will include, in close association with the President, responsibility for the general administration and running of the EUI, and cooperation with the EUI's academic and support staff.

The EUI is an equal opportunity employer.

The EUI offers a competitive salary and benefits package to the successful applicant.

The Search committee for this post would like to receive applications from suitably qualified candidates, or suggestions for its consideration concerning suitable candidates who might be approached.

Candidates should apply directly to the EUI, with a full CV enclosed. Interviews (short‐listed candidates only) will be held indicatively before mid May 2020, carried in place (Florence) or, most probably via videoconference. Unavailability for the interview will be an exclusion criterion.

Short-listed candidates will be asked to present a statement addressing the principal tasks taken on by the Secretary-General of the EUI. Information on the main programmes and activities of the EUI can be found in the Institute’s annual reports (

Applications should be uploaded electronically

Closing date for applications: 15/4/2020.

Salary/contractual information can be requested from the Director of Budget and Financial Affairs:

this job offer is not open for applications